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Friday, April 10, 2020

Virtual Gig List

 Keeping On, Carrying On During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The shutting down of public life as a response to containing the Covid-19 Pandemic, in order to spread out the infection to not overwhelm the health system, is important. However, the impact of the shut down can be devastating for musicians - gigs cancelled, festivals cancelled, tours cancelled, lessons cancelled - which can put people into precarious financial positions.

In order to offer some help, the Free Jazz Blog is inviting musicians and venues who are offering virtual gigs a place to list when and where the video stream can be found. We will update this list periodically.

In order to submit your gig, please fill in this form. If the event fits with the blog's theme, we will add to the list as soon as we can. 



Live cast from Dirk Serries

Sunday April 5th, 8pm (CET)

This home live concert is exclusively for you as Dirk Serries returns to his realm of ambient music. Armed with an electric guitar and a couple of effects he dwells in the zone of his ambient solo works and the music of vidnaObmana.


Live cast from Devin Grey:

Very happy to announce the new Live show: Shed Threads!
Please join us this Friday April 3rd, 2-3pm EST for a musical discussion on FB & Insta live - Extra special guest Gerald Cleaver!


Live cast from Argentina:

Info: Algo en un Espacio Vacío is a collaboration between Paula Shocron (piano, cello and voice) and Pablo Díaz (drums, percussion and sound objects). Exploring deeply in sound and performing arts on free improvisation concerts, the boundaries between music and other artistic disciplines seem to be blurred, opening the way for something new. This approach enables the artists involved to play their instruments in a number of different and creative ways and to interact with different kind of materials in order to get visual textures or performative situations.

Both based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they have been working together for at least five years, performing in that city, as well as in New York, Berlin or Amsterdam, among other locations in Argentina and around the world. In 2019 they toured around Europe and they were awarded a grant by Robert D. Bielecki Foundation to present their work in New York.

Concert at home w/ pianist Paula Shocron and drummer Pablo Díaz, and their project Algo en un Espacio Vacío.

4/1 - 4/7

Live from Our Living Rooms Festival

Bill Frisell, Chick Corea, Linda May Han Oh, Fabian Almazan, Antonio Sanchez, Thana Alexa, Dave Liebman, Julian Lage, and others. More info.


From Catalytic Sound:

Any additional income generated through Catalytic before the end of March 31st will be paid out to the co-op partners on April 1st. 100% of all donations made will be split evenly and go directly to the musicians. Funds from the membership platform have been reorganized so that 1/3 will go to Catalytic business overhead, $450 will go to the Catalytic Artist Album participants; the remaining membership income will now be split evenly among the cooperative. There is an ongoing 10% sale (15% for members) on all albums [LP, CD, digital] released before 2020. This sale will continue throughout the Covid 19 disaster, and musicians will receive full payment for their recordings- the discount will be applied to the business revenues only. Until this catastrophe abates, payments to the co-op partners will become monthly instead of quarterly. My gratitude to musicians everywhere and those who support them- stay well and keep safe.

Catalytic Sound is: Ab Baars, Sylvie Courvoisier, Tim Daisy, Terrie Ex, Mats Gustafsson, Ben Hall, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Elisabeth Harnik, Ig Henneman, Joe McPhee, Andy Moor, Ikue Mori, Joe Morris, Paal Nilssen-Love, Dave Rempis, Luke Stewart, Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley


Sidebar ( is broadcasting/livestreaming an exclusive solo performance by Mark Dresser at 7:00 PM Central Time (8:00 PM EST) on Friday, March 27. The show should be archived and streaming for about 24 hours after the initial broadcast, until the next day's performer, Helen Gillet, takes over with a solo cello show.


From David Rempis:

Tonight, March 25th, at 9 pm CST, I'll be partaking in The Quarantine Concerts, organized by Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, along with my fellow Elastic Arts curators Daniel Wyche and Ben Billington.  Visit:


Also, please check out these efforts...