Sunday, March 4, 2007

Some quick reviews

Russell Gunn Plays Miles (High Note, 2007) **

Russell Gunn is a fine trumpet player, but this CD does not add anything to the party. He may have lots of respect for Miles, but his versions of the master were destined to fail : weak, without vision or character : Miles harnessed into the mainstream, without passion, emotion or blood.

Third World Love - Sketch of Tel Aviv (Smallsrecords, 2006) **
A great disappointment. Allaboutjazz recommended this album and the musicians, especially Avishai Cohen (the trumpet player) and Omer Avital are indeed excellent. It's just that they don't seem to know what to do with their material. The drumming however is below standard. Creativity and musical vision are absent.

David Murray - Circles Live In Cracow (Not Two, 2005) ****

David Murray with the brothers Oles on bass and drums. Excellent sax trio, with amongst others a great rendition of Ornette Coleman's Law Years. In contrast to the previous CDs, Murray knows what music is all about. Available for download on Emusic.

Carlos Barretto : Radio Song (Cleanfeed Records, 2005) ****

I didn't know Barretto (see my earlier review on him) but this Portuguese bass player is really worth checking out (also on Emusic). On this trio the guitar is the most important solo instrument, but Louis Sclavis adds his bass clarinet on three pieces. Emotionally strong, powerful music.

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It seems that you should open your ears and heart and leave your holier then thou mind behind. Who knows, you may actually feel and learn something.

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