Monday, December 24, 2007

I Heart Lung - I Heart Christmas (Sounds Are Active,

My apologies, even if I try to avoid the christmas activities around me as much as possible, there's no escaping it. Hence a small gift also from my part, carefully selected and spirited away from the Sounds Are Active website. I Heart Lung, consisting of Chris Schlarb on electric guitar and bells, Anthony Shadduck on acoustic bass and bells, and Tom Steck on acoustic drums (and no bells!), I reviewed earlier. Bizarre, open-ended guitar music, more a question-mark than a statement, brings well-known Christmas carols in their own approach, irreverent yet not unrespectul, tongue-in-cheek yet also interested in the musical dimension of the pieces. Their self-penned last track is surely not an existing carol, but has all the potential of becoming one.

Listen and download tracks.
Let It Snow
Carol Of The Bells
Little Drummer Boy
Silent Night, Holy Night
Santa Claus vs Dracula

You can also download the entire album with artwork here.


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