Saturday, February 23, 2008

Solo Cello Albums

Here are a number of my favorite cello solo albums in the free jazz, free improv, avant-garde genres. The instrument is very much not jazz at all, and there is always this classical presence, combining a cerebral approach with deep emotion. If I ever get banned to the moon, and if I'm allowed to take only ten albums with me, then Bach's Suite For Cello Solo is certainly one of them. This piece of classical music was for me a personal revelation of the absolute power of artistic beauty, leading to an unprecedented musical experience. Ever since, the cello has been one my favorite instruments. It is also a very feminine instrument, with magnificent musicians as Joan Jeanrenaud, Jane Scarpantoni, Maya Beiser and Peggy Lee, to name but a few. I will write a review on my most favorite cello contributions in jazz albums shortly.

These solo cello albums are easy to recommend :

Abdul Wadud - By Myself
Maya Beiser - Worlds To Come
Erik Friedlander - Volac
Rufus Cappadocia - Songs For Cello
Ernst Reijseger - Colla Parte
Joan Jeanrenaud - Metamorphosis
Dave Holland - Life Cycle
David Darling - Cello
Fred Lonberg-Holm - Anagram Solos
David Eyges - Wood
Tristan Honsinger - A Camel's Kiss
Tom Cora - Gumption In Limbo

Other solo cello CDs that I haven't heard (yet), but are probably worth looking for :

Fred Lonberg-Holm - Personal Scratch
Eric Longsworth - I Hear You
Hank Roberts - 22 Years from Now

Any suggestions for other solo cello CDs are most welcome.

View Maya Beiser with Worlds To Come (music and image are not synchronised)

And see the great Yo-Yo Ma with Bach's Courante from the Cello Suites : pure musical joy!


Anonymous said...

I love the "Saturday/Sunday" suite from Hank Roberts' _Little Motor People_. It is very charming.

redrawblak said...

I would definitely check out Erik Friedlander's album Maldoror. It's an album of his compositions, unlike the Book of Angels disc, and I think it's a much better display of his considerable skills.

Anonymous said...

Erik Friedlander also released Block Ice & Propane this past year - reminds me somewhat of the wonderful Abdul Wadud LP.
Thanks for the tip about Joan Jeanrenaud -I downloaded it from emusic and have enjoyed it very much.
I enjoy reading your reviews - keep up the fine work!

Dan said...

For solo cello lovers... I just saw NYC cellist Erik Friedlander play an entire concert of VOLAC tunes in Eugene, Oregon on 1/8/2011. I have the review with photos and a setlist up at:


Anonymous said...

There are three solo cello albums that may be included on that list (the question is "Are they Jazz?"):
Didier Petit "Sorcier" (1989); Matt Turner "The Mouse that Roared" (1997); Vincent Courtois "L'Imprevue (2011)

FreeJazzJef said...

Let's not forget Tony Moore and his exquisite 'Observations' album on Eddie Prevost's Matchless label. I would agree that Matt Turner's performance on 'The Mouse That Roared' is an exceptional one.

Igor Oliver said...

very good this article hug.

Anonymous said...

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