Monday, October 6, 2008

Anthony Santor Ari Diaconis Project - Beyond Human Aid (CDBaby, 2008) ***½

The "Anthony Santor/Ari Diaconis Project" holds the middle between a jam band and free jazz. They're a jam band in their unpretentious attitude to bring great rhythmic music for the fun of it, a kind of "audience-pleaser" for its unrelenting energy and body-shaking intensity. On the other hand they have the aspirations of the electric Miles bands and some of the polyrhythmic power of Fela Kuti (without the singing). The band consists of the double alto front of Andy Allen and Bryan McNmara, with Alex Wolston on trumpet, Anthony Santor on bass, Nick Cassarino on guitar, Ari Diaconis on congas and Geza Carr on drums. The music is not boundary-shifting, but in its eclecticism and great musicianship, it certainly is entertaining and highly enjoyable.

Listen and download from CDBaby.

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