Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear readers, the vote is on.

Many thanks for your suggestions. I changed my initial list a little, unfortunately sticking to the CDs that I have reviewed and or know. It's a little difficult to add music I've never heard myself (yet).

Here are the fifteen selected records. Everyone can cast one vote. If you want to know more about the selected albums, you can click on the names and you will be directed to the reviews.

The vote is on till next Monday close to midnight (Central European Time), by ticking the list on the right.

The list offers a good mix of styles, line-ups, nationalities .... diversity as a key to creativity and new thoughts. 

  1. Undivided - The Passion
  2. AMM - Sounding Music
  3. Harris Eisenstadt - Woodblock Prints
  4. Vijay Anderson - Hardboiled Wonderland
  5. Chicago Underground Duo - Boca Negra
  6. John Butcher & Claudia Ulla Binder - Under The Roof
  7. Schlippenbach Trio - Bauhaus Dessau
  8. Nobu Stowe - Confusion Bleue
  9. Lapin/Poore/Schubert/Turner/Bledsoe - Seek it Not with Your Eyes
  10. Lawnmower - West
  11. Dawn Of Midi - First
  12. Clare Cooper - Hammeriver
  13. OirTrio - Kanata
  14. Stephen Haynes - Parrhesia
  15. Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton - Creak Above 33

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NickS said...

I was going to vote for "Dans Les Arbres" that was on the previous listing. Story of my life. :O)

Stef said...

Yes, it was indeed not really a new album.
You can choose another one ;-)

main said...

why Hera is not on the list?

Plainpawl said...

Lawnmower - nice album. I am also enjoying Iron Kim Style.

AGM said...

I love the Butcher and Bauhaus albums, but I'm voting for Nate Wooley, as his work on trumpet practically defines "new ears." TONY

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Stef said...

About the selection of the albums : we had a kind of discussion last week to see which albums to put on the list. Choice went to "Undivided - the Passion" instead of Hera.

Morgen said...

My favourite from this list is Dawn Of Midi - First.

joesh said...

Unfortunately I haven't heard all these records, so I must say that it's impossible to vote - and I imagine the same applies to everyone in the same position!

Remember.... after all you can't say that this or that album is better than another when you don't even know them/it?

riccarda said...

congrats for the list..
it pretty much sums it up for me for this area, although I still have to check out the Lapin/Poore/Schubert/Turner/Bledsoe, Dawn Of Midi and OirTrio.

my vote will go to Nate Wooley & Paul Lytton probably or to Clare Cooper. It was a fantastic year for music and festivals and I have no doubt that the next one will be also great.

maybe you can include "all ears" in your festival list, stef.


S AMAR said...

dawn of midi - first defo gets my vote!!! excellent album!

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