Saturday, January 14, 2012

Five Years of Free Jazz Blog

We're kind of celebrating our 5th anniversary here, starting in January 2007.

We have reviewed well over 1,500 albums (we're at 1447 posts, but many have multiple album reviews). You commented 2,219 times, making this indeed an interactive blog. Please keep doing it. The more perspectives, the better.

We have welcomed 1,118,061 visitors of which 391,619 are returning visitors (you!), with a total of 1,774,543 pageloads. The following chart gives more details. It seems that we've reached a ceiling, but that is normal, I guess.How many people in the world like free and avant jazz? Although the number seems to lightly increase ...

 I am sure that this blog has, if not launched some bands, at least encouraged some of them and given them wider attention. I also hope that we have broadened the horizon of many readers, by mentioning albums and artists and music that would otherwise have been kept in the dark vaults of anonymity.

Keep enjoying the music. Keep pushing the boundaries of creating and of listening.

Many thanks to the contributors to this blog and to the loyal visitors.



Andrzej Daszkiewicz said...

Great job!

Stephane said...

Congrats! And keep up!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Indeed your reviews/recommendations have helped me to offer my customers a more varied choice on Free Jazz/Improvisation at the shop I'm working for.
Sadly I wasn't able to buy some of them for the shop.
Keep your valuable work up - I will continue looking for (to me) unknown releases at this excellent blog.

Deric said...

I look at the blog daily to see what new cd's I have to go out and buy. If I'm bored I look at past reviews to kill some time. But I will always know you as the first blog to review my first album. Thank you Always.

Miguel said...

When i turn on my computer, the first thing i do... you know :)))
I hope to follow this Blog for many years.
Thank you so much!

mackthknife said...

Happy 5th anniversary! Your blog is one that I continually check out to inform,enlighten,and broaden my tastes in modern Jazz. Long may you post!

Sasha said...

Congratulations from Ukraine !!!

Maciej Nowotny (Editor) said...

Fantastic work!!! Congrats to you Stef and your collaborators ;-)))

Anonymous said...

FĂ©licitation !

your blog is a treasure to me. The best to follow free-jazz and avant-garde.
merci, de Montréal !

Federico Antin said...

Hello my friends:

Thanks for all the beauty you share with us.
Best wishes, as always,

Federico (aka euskir)

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