Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Ears 2014: Cast your Vote

What another great round of responses! You all have proven once again that your tastes are impeccable, ears are unflappable, and have helped to confirm the observation that it has indeed been another great year for new music!

We had over 150 albums nominated for the New Ears 2014 award and though it wasn't easy to take all of the great suggestions and tease out a select 15 16, but here they are … to the right ... ready for your votes.

You can vote between now and December 31 at midnight, when the winner will be declared and a new year of new music begins. Please remember - this is NOT ABOUT THE BEST ALBUM, but about the MOST INNOVATIVE LISTENING EXPERIENCE.

So as we have said before … “cast your votes, mobilize your fans, persuade the cynics, convince the indifferent, wake up the musical sleepers .... and have fun!”


  1. I just wondered, but isn't "vote often" and "mobilizer your fans" encouraging block voting by labels and musicians, and a somewhat unrepresentative result. I know it's only a bit of fun, but still...

  2. Well, we can't help it, Colin ... and even then, it's only one vote at a time.

  3. I appreciate that the means to make the vote more "constitutional" is disproportionate, but not being able to help it and actively promoting it are rather different.

  4. Hey Colin,

    My bad on the title, I see your point.

    - Paul

  5. Hello, Stef, my question may sound stupid but I'd be curious how many voters have there been so far? Thanks. Always a pleasure to read you all of you ! I think the idea is great. I've got my idea who might be the winner ! And because it ain't a scoop, my favorite one is Mise en Abîme by Steve Lehman. Must have listened to it a dozen times since I got it. At night, it is so cool ! Once again thanks to the whole team ! Keep up the good work ! A guy from France.

  6. You can track the number of voters at the bottom of the voting buttons. The will eventually be counted in the hundreds.


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