Monday, December 25, 2017

New Ears Vote: Happening Now!

Don't forget to vote in the Happy New Ears award for top album of the year!

The choice are:

  • Anemone - A Wing Dissolved In Light (No Business)
  • Chamber 4 - City Of Light (Clean Feed)
  • Eve Risser & Kaja Draksler - To Pianos (Clean Feed)
  • Hear In Now - Not Living in Fear (International Anthem)
  • Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp – The Art of Perelman/Shipp Vol.6: Saturn (Leo Records)
  • Jaimie Branch - Fly Or Die (International Anthem Recording Company)
  • Joe McPhee / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder - Six Situations (Not Two Records)
  • Kate Gentile - Mannequins (Skirl, 2017)
  • Ken Vandermark - Momentum 1 (Audiographic Records)
  • Nate Wooley - The Complete Syllables Music (Pleasure Of The Text Records)
  • Nicole Mitchell - Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE)
  • Peter Evans / Agustí Fernandez / Mats Gustafsson - A Quietness of Water (Not Two Records)
  • Roscoe Mitchell - Bells for the South Side (ECM)
  • Vijay Iyer - Far From Over (ECM)
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Solo: Reflections And Meditations On Monk (TUM Records)
  • William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio - Bass Duo (Centering Records)

Go to to vote now.

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