Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Create (!) - A Prospect Of Freedom (Sounds Are Active, 2006) ****

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On this album Create (!) bring non-intrusive, free improvization with a strong melancholic flavor. The band, consisting of Orlando Greenhill (vocals, acoustic bass, percussion); Chris Schlarb, Raymond Raposa (electric guitar, electronics); Lynn Johnston (clarinet, bass clarinet); Kris Tiner (trumpet, flugelhorn); Justice Constantine (drums, percussion), brings a fragile mix of slow tempi and hesitant, tentative instrumentation, which jointly look for musical texture and beauty, yet also for variation in impact and effect. Don't expect any known patterns here, because about everything you hear falls in the category of creativity and inventiveness, they didn't choose their name for nothing, and with success, because the overall sound is more than worth listening to. Emotionally the listener gets torn between tenderness, melancholy, fear, disorientation, tension, and pure aesthetic suprise, and that's the prime purpose of this music, not from the power of the soloing or the creation of a quickly identifiable melody. Common improvization is the key word, with refreshing new angles and rhythms, and new forms of musical expressiveness. Is this jazz? Yes, because it's a typical jazz line-up, yes, because improvization and adventure are at the core of the music, yet on the other hand this music is far removed from the usual jazz structures and melodic or even harmonic approaches. Possible points of comparison are Tortoise, Mazurek, H.I.M. This is modern music, full stop. Brilliant, exclamation mark!

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