Sunday, February 10, 2008

Food - Molecular Gastronomy (Runegrammofon, 2008) ***

In 2004, Food, the Anglo/Norwegian quartet, consisting of Iain Ballamy on sax, Arve Henriksen on trumpet, Mats Eilertsen on bass and Thomas Strønen on percussion, released "Last Supper", giving the impression that it would be the band's last recording. But no, here is another one, with only sax and percussion, assisted by Maria Kannegaard on Fender Rhodes on five tracks. The title, Molecular Gastronomy, refers to the new hype in cooking, in which chemistry of cooking plays an important role in coming up with creative results, often with surprising, unexpected and conflicting tastes in the mouth. And that's what happens here too in a way, the music is electronically processed, redubbed at times, but still fresh and melodic. All the titles of the tracks refer to meals made by molecular cooking. But in the end it gives me the same feeling as molecular cooking. Nicely done, interesting perspectives, tasty moments, but a little lacking in substance. The sax is great and the percussion is great and innovative. For those who like electronics in their jazz, there is lots to savour here. The other albums of Food are easier to recommend.

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