Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Magnus Broo & Paal Nilssen-Love - Game (PNL Records, 2008) ****½

Well, here is one more for the list of "trumpet drums duos", and a nice one, with two of Scandinavia's best jazz musicians of the moment : Magnus Broo on trumpet and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums. The 6 tracks are freely improvised, and move us across a broad landscape of jazz expressiveness : from rhythmic and melodic parts to very avant-garde excursions, from slow and bluesy sounds to staccato blasts, with the real focus on the interplay between the two artists. Through Broo's playing, other trumpeters come to mind : Lester Bowie, Don Cherry, Paul Smoker. One of the reason's I like the album a lot is that both musicians demonstrate that it's possible to be creative, innovative, avant-garde, free and still be deeply emotional. Despite the limited possibilities of the duo, they manage to captivate the attention from beginning to end. This is intense, direct and raw music, but beautiful ...

Clearly, a very much underpromoted release.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog often. It's a very important reference. I'm italian and i too have a jazz blog:i share your review of Tinissima, Francesco Bearzatti Quartet. I think that is one of the best jazz italian album of this year. Best regards

Stef said...

Thanks Roberto,

Enjoy the music!


joesh said...

What amazes me is how do these guys (Swedish jazz musicians) manage to release sooo many albums? I mean, who buys them, well in such large quantities that is?

If you tried to do that here, there's nobody interested in buying them, or is there?

Run4Free said...

I did it 30 minutes ago, after seeing Paal with The Ting.
acquired this CD.

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