Friday, January 30, 2009

David S. Ware may get kidney


Dear Friends,

Thank You All for your notes and your energy of support in response to the critical news. This page has been created to keep you up to date:

The beautiful news is that a number of potential donors have stepped forward; deepest blessings. The first is in the process of being screened toward potential transplant surgery. Medicare policy (David's principal insurance) is rather evidently that only one donor at a time may be screened. It is both David and this donor's hope that all may move toward this transplant. The screening process takes time as has been made apparent. David is in stable condition and continuing peritoneal dialysis at home. His spirits have been brightened in the past week and a half by all of your responsive energy, and we remain optimistic. When the time comes, we will send out a notice in response to the many inquiries we've had for donations toward further direct support.

AGAIN: To All who have extended their positive energy and prayers and love to David in response to the call, Thank You. To more good news soon! And once again, please do forward this notice and webpage link:
to all who we haven't yet reached with it.


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