Friday, October 21, 2016

Ornette for Christmas

By Stef

Would you believe this? A whole series of Christmas jazz CDs, and one with Ornette Coleman's music. Yes, tracks from the first albums, but still ... Who would have thought almost 60 years ago?

Still good to hear his music. If you ever run out of ideas for gifts under the tree ...


Colin Green said...

I'm no longer surprised by the way sections of the music business find new ways to put old wine in new bottles. Ornette for Christmas contains no material that has anything to do with the festive season. It's either bathed in irony, or just plain silly. Purchase for a friend, or even your worst enemy, is not recommended. It's the thought that counts.

wiccacat said...

Welcome back, Stef!

MJG said...

Yes, good to see a Stef review again (it's been too long), if a little on the short side!

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