Saturday, January 13, 2018

Some statistics - Our readership keeps growing - Thanks for the loyalty

Last month we had a record viewership with 195,558 page views. On a normal day like yesterday, we had 4,953 page views. These statistics do not reach back to the early days of our blog (which started in January 2007), but the trend is increasing. Some years ago I thought we had captured the entire universe of global fans of free jazz and free improvisation, but that's clearly not the case, unless the number of fans is increasing, which is even better news. Since these statistics were started in May 2010, we have had no less than 7,546,926 pageviews. That is a lot.

We want to thank all readers for their loyal daily visits, the musicians for the great music we receive, and the labels and agents for sending us new music on a daily basis. We also wish to thank the reviewers for their enthusiastic writings.

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Chris said...

80% of my free/improv purchases are made after reading reviews on this great site.
A daily must read blog for me.
Thanks to all reviewers here.

Mjy said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful criticisms, both positive and negative. Whether or not I agree with it is never the point: I am just happy that there is considerate dialogue about the music we love.

Alen said...

Congratulations on Your growing readership! I am newcomer to this site as I just recently found it so You could say that I am a part of that growing readership. Thank You and all the authors for such great content, I hope You can keep it up.

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