Saturday, April 28, 2018

Microtub - Bite Of The Orange (Sofa, 2017) ***½

By Stef

Sometimes music can be unique and exceptional. The tuba is not the most common instrument in modern music, but on this album we get three tubas and nothing else. You know the instrument from brass bands, for funeral marches or wedding orchestras, but what you get here is totally unexpected. The musicians are Martin Taxt and Peder Simonsen from Norway and Robin Hayward hailing from the UK. All three play microtonal tubas, two tuned in C, one in F.

It's a short album, only 25 minutes, but what they do is fascinating. The concept is to play long, stretched and languid tones, with minimal shifts, and exploration of their microtonal harmonies. The overall result is majestic, solemn, grave and sober.

I can only refer to Eyal Haruveni's review of the same album for further information and appreciation.

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