Friday, August 29, 2008

Ramon Prats & Albert Cirera - Duot (2008) ***½

It rarely happens that we hear free jazz from Spain (at least I'm not too familiar with it), but here is an excellent album by two young musicians, Ramon Prats on drums and Albert Cirera on sax and flutes, quietly and gently exploring free sounds, melodies and moods together. The long first track does barely vibrate the silence surrounding the musicians, the second track is more joyful and could be inspired by Don Cherry. The center piece, "Sachs", starts with wood flute and is a little reminiscent of South American sounds of Nana Vasconcelos or Egberto Gismonti, but that's just an introduction for the very controlled double-tone blowing on the tenor. There is no screaming or wailing on this record, but the intense and very disciplined exploration of soft sounds and sensitive interaction is all the more enjoyable. There are meditative parts, and some fun joyful lightly dancing passages. The overall mood is warm and free, like a breeze in the summer night.

More info on MySpace and listen or download from CDBaby.

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