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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Solo Trumpet CDs - update

Solo trumpet CDs are pretty rare. And the music on them especially, often very experimental, looking and searching for the extreme extended sounds you can get out of the instrument or looking for microtonal or electronically distorted possibilities. If you are an adventurer, you will like to listen to some of the records below. Markus Stockhausen and Hugh Ragin are the most accessible. Some of them are plain weird, and will only be of interest to trumpeters who are looking for interesting new angles.
  • Bill Dixon - Collection (Music for Solo Trumpet)
  • Bill Dixon - Odissey (Solo Works 1970-1992) (6-CD box)
  • Hugh Ragin - Sound Pictures For Solo Trumpet
  • Natsuki Tamura - A Song for Jyaki (Leo Records, 1998),
  • Natsuki Tamura - Ko Ko Ko Ke (Natsat 3012)
  • Peter Evans - More is More (PSI Records, 2006)
  • Peter Evans - Nature/Culture
  • Kelly Pratt - Solo Works for Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Axel Dörner - Trumpet
  • Markus Stockhausen - Solo 1
  • Thomas Heberer - The Heroic Millipede
  • Nate Wooley - Wrong Shape to be a Story Teller
  • Rob Mazurek - Silver Spines
  • Rob Mazurek - Abstractions On Robert d'Arbrissel
  • Mazen Kerbaj - BRT VRT ZRT KRT
  • Franz Hautzinger - Gomberg
  • Franz Hautzinger - Gomberg II
  • Franz Hautzinger - Neublacher Blech
  • Greg Kelley - Trumpet
  • Greg Kelley - Self-Hate Index
  • Greg Kelley - Religious Electronics
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Creative Music 1
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Red Sulphur Sky
  • Wadada Leo Smith - Ahkreanvention
  • Lester Bowie - The One And Only (re-issued as disc 2 on "All The Magic")
  • Arve Henriksen - Sakuteiki
  • Baikida Carroll - The Spoken Word
  • Birgit Ulher - Scatter
  • Scott Tinkler - Backwards
  • Toshinori Kondo - Silent Melodies
  • Toshinori Kondo - Touchstone
  • Toshinori Kondo - Fukyo
  • Toshinori Kondo - Fuigo From A Different Dimension
  • Matt Davis - Violence
  • Kozo Ikeno - Overlooks
  • Kozo Ikeno - Secret Notes
  • Kozo Ikeno - Perfect Sound
  • Luciano Berio - Sequenza X

    In the grey zone between avant-garde and modern classical music, there is also :
    • Choi Sun Bae - Freedom solo trumpet improvisations
    • Mark O'Keeffe - Knight Errant - Solo Music For Trumpet
    • Håkan Hardenberger - Emotion
    • Håkan Hardenberger - Exposed Throat
    In the world music genre, there is the brilliant
    Anyone with suggestions for other albums, please let me know.

    Many thanks,


    © stef


allan said...

Did you ever get the chance to look up Kozo Ikeno (Post 10 on 27 October 2008)?

postymcposterton said...

I was about to say that you're totally missing some Dave Douglas but then re-read that it was for "solo" trumpet... :)


stef said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I found some stuff now on his website. I will add him.

stef said...

As an addendum : you can download Kozo Ikeno's CD Overlooks for free on the labels website :

Anonymous said...

leo smith's culture jazz
one of my favourites, maybe you didn't count it as solo?

stef said...

Correct, it's a solo album, but not solo trumpet, hence it's not in the list.
Thanks for the suggestion

Anonymous said...

Choi Sun Bae-Solo 2007

Achter Atem: Remix of Kang Taehwan's Seven Breath 2002

Bellerophone-Tom Djll

Smudge-Tom Djll


Anonymous said...

Oops...delete Seven Breath(wrong list).