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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adam Pierończyk Quartet - El Buscador (Jazzwerkstatt, 2010) ****

Polish saxophonist Adam Pierończyk writes compositions which come often very close to those of French bassist Henri Texier, with long themes, a great rhythmic base, mixing jazz with African and other, more local influences, full of joy, and emotional warmth, and with a high quality delivery. This quartet further consists of Australian trombonist Adrian Mears (also on didgeridoo), bassist Anthony Cox and drummer Krzysztof Dziedzic.

Together, they take us on a musical trip around the world. El Buscador means "the seeker", "the adventurer", and his search is our trip, which starts in "Ivolginskij Dacan", a buddhist monastery in Siberia, close to the Mongolian border, a joyful tune, followed by the long and equally danceable "The Bushido Code", with a spectacular rhythm section forming the basis for the melodious improvisations, moving to Spain for "Andalusian Garden Bel Canto" and ending in Morocco with "The Storks Of Marrakesh".

In between, there is the more meditative "Tranquil Prestidigitator", a duet between didgeridoo and sax, and "If I Ever Saw The Seashore, I Believe I'd Die Of Joy", a slow melancholy piece.

Once more Pierończyk keeps up with his reputation : he is creative and inventive composer, full of warmth and lyricism, who can show different aspects to music without moving too far away from structure and tradition, leaving lots of space for improvisation. The four musicians are at their best on this album : everything they do seems to come so naturally, without forcing themselves, very cohesive in terms of overall sound and so absolutely right.

Watch a clip on Youtube (bad sound quality though)

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Maciej Nowotny (Editor) said...

Thanks Stef for highlighting this. I bought the record and it is truly astonishing! Best regards :-)