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Monday, March 1, 2010

David S. Ware - Saturnian (AUM Fidelity, 2010) ****

No need to introduce David S. Ware, nor to re-emphasize my appreciation for his music and his skills. Recovered from a kidney transplant, this solo recording is part of his "thank you" to the people who made this possible, and an ode to life. "There's a voice inside each saxophone, expressing different orders of Being. When you listen, learn to open your third ear. Listen for the voice inside the music. It will expand who you think you are.", is what Ware tells us in the liner notes. The saxophones are saxello, on "Methone", stritch , on "Pallene", and tenor, on "Anthe": three instruments for three lengthy improvisations between twelve to fourteen minutes, evolving from the shrill high tones of the saxello down the tenor's lower register. Despite their length and abstract form, the three pieces remain quite focused, also rhythmically, each with its own sound quality and color. On "Methone", the saxello adds a sentiment of nervous intensity and urgency, especially toward the end of the piece. "Pallene" is full of implicit rhythm and drive, more bluesy and melodious. But it's on tenor that Ware gets his full power: "Anthe" is full of soul, full of warm depth and distressed wailing, with shades and contrasts that demonstrate the instruments incredible range and timbral possibilities, at least in the hands of a master.

The album does not reach the same high levels as some of his recent band recordings, but fans of Ware will be thrilled by this live performance. It comes with the subtitle "solo saxphones, volume 1", so I assume we can expect more to come ... and we look forward to it.

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