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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fred Anderson Trio - A Night At The Velvet Lounge/Live In Chicago 2007 (Estrada Poznańska, 2009) ****

I know it's my fourth Fred Anderson review in a couple of months time, but his 80th birthday resulted in some additional releases. So for the completists and the fans: here is another excellent Fred Anderson album, recorded live on Nov. 17, 2007 in Poznań, Poland, at the Made In Chicago festival, and just released on the Polish label Estrada Poznańska, and we can only thank them for that. Anderson is accompanied by Harrison Bankhead on bass, and Dushun Mosley on drums. There are no real surprises, apart from the fact that the album brings no less than seven tracks, ranging between nine to sixteen minutes long, so you get a lot of music, played in his typical free bop style full of rhythmical and lyrical soloing, once in a while interspersed with some slower spiritual moments. You can not but admire the man. His love of music is truly contagious. Impossible to listen to this without enjoying it too!

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ArtS. said...

Actually it wasn't recorded in Chicago but at the "Made in Chicago Festival" in Poznań Poland. Good album nonetheless. However, I'm getting a bit tired with Fred Anderson playing in acoustic trio with just bass/drums, so I liked the Delmark release more.

Stef said...


Thanks for the correction. I was a little too fast, and will rectify in the review. The performance was indeed record on Nov. 17, 2007 in Poznań, Poland.


Romek Samolot said...

Hi Stef,
Because I bought Poznan CD at the same time as '80th Birthday' on Delmark and 'The Great Vision Concert' on Cleenfeed(playin and comparing them at the same time), and being great Fred A. admirer I belive that concert from Poznan has terrible rock like sound - plain bad recording.
Bankhead seems to be playing bass guitar, and Freds horn is like somebody's else. You can recognise him only by frase.
I have had heard them plain' together many times on bigger stages and in Velvet Lounge - totaly different>sounds of music<.