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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Connie Crothers 1941-2016

Connie Crothers,
Judson Memorial Church, June 9, 2016.
Photo by Peter Gannushkin

We just read the sad news about the passing of pianist Connie Crothers. She was a wonderful musician and mentor to many. I recall seeing her perform at the Stone a few years ago in a duo with a Jameel Moondoc and just being enthralled with the performance.

Two of Crother's recent recording were reviewed on the blog in recent years, and both are highly recommended.

- Paul


Unknown said...

Very sad! I remember back in 1988 I drove her along with her quartet to Amsterdam for a gig with my X. That evening while strolling down the red light district all these drug addicts ran up to us! It was scary, but my X said don't run! Just keep walking and they will go away. And they did. RIP Connie...

pianonik said...

I took lessons from Connie back in 2006, she was one of the most creative, hip (in the true sense of the word!) people I ever met in my life. We had an instant connection. I will miss her massively.

Dom Minasi said...

Heartbreaking. Such a gentle soul with powerful musical ablities.

Anonymous said...

Recent and recommended: 'Hommage A Bartok' by Steve Swell's Kende Dreams. RIP.