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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to get audio samples up

OK - I seem to have found a solution.

Sorry guys, no review today. I am struggling to get mp3 flash player embedded so that I can share some samples of the albums I review. Unfortunately, I was thrown of the host server that I used because of copyright issues.

Strange world : promoting music is apparently not quite allowed, while so many other things are ...

If anyone has any insights into how this can be done without problems, please let me know.

© stef


joe said...

Hi Stef, as a musician who has CDs out, I can understand the 'copyright issue' which might seem a little strange to someone who loves listening, writing and reading about music. However, you could always try getting permission from the artists/CD company to use sound samples (and leave a copyright/PRS note on each page), or just put links (which you do sometimes) to peoples websites/CD company/MySpace letting people listen if they are interested.

All the best and good luck.

stef said...

Thanks Joe,
I understand your concern, and appreciate your suggestions, but that's a very time-consuming process. If all labels made links available that would solve things.

boleuzia said...

i understand the musicians'/labels' point of view, in that you can't put music on the net that can be downloaded, etc, but i always thought that streaming (i.e. not making available for download) one song per album could only encourage potential buyers to purchase new albums... which is a good thing

stef said...

I'll keep trying

stef said...

I think I may have found an alternative, let me know what you think.

beloid said...

hi stef,
I'm browsing your blog using Opera and all the samples on front page start downloading simultaneously.
I suggest checking out DivShare. You can create a free account (with some monthly transfer limitation). divshare has the option to play any uploaded audio files in an embeded player.

stef said...

Thanks Beloid, good suggestion. I will switch to divshare.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the trouble you're going to..As soon as I log onto the site,I only hear this sample...


joe said...

Hi Stef

I also pass by your site to read reviews and (now) listen to some samples. I just suggest that sometimes people can also get the info (if they're interested) 'straight from the horses mouth' as we say in English.

All the best - Joe