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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Save De Werf

Dear friends,

Can I ask you to join us in signing the petition to safe De Werf, one of the premier jazz venues in Belgium, which risks to loose its government subsidies, because a committee of not so expert experts fails to see the value of free jazz.

Please use the link below and then click on the cartoon figure, then fill in your name and other details.

The letter is addressed to the Minister of Culture. Any support is welcome at this stage.

Many thanks.

Hi Everyone. Most of you probably already know about De Werf. One of the great modern jazz venues in the world located in Brugge, Belgium. Please read this email and help save this venue!!
Michael Jefry Stevens


Dear Friends,

The link above will take you to a page on the site of "De Werf", where you will be invited to sign a petition to save De Werf.

Indeed, to our utter amazement, the assessment committee for Arts Centres has given De Werf a "fail" mark. This would mean De Werf, with its theatre performances for young and "not so very young", its jazz concerts, its Young Ones’ Festival (Jonge Snaken Festival) during autumn break, the bi-annual " Jazz!Brugge festival and Flemish Jazz Meeting would be wiped off the map.

As far as jazz is concerned, the committee states that "the role of De Werf in Flanders, as a cornerstone for jazz, has been taken over by other organisations". We haven’t the foggiest idea as to which organisations they might be referring to.

Apart from that, the committee argues that "De Werf” does not support present day arts". Meaning jazz is not a "present day" art???

De Werf now has ten days (four left) to present its case to the minister, who has the final say in this matter, and to convince him NOT to allow De Werf to be closed.


So please do sign our petition at and eventually send an email with your remarks at or


We sincerely thank you for your support.

Hope to see you soon!

Jos Demol & the friends from De Werf.

Please apologize in case you already received this email.

Jos Demol
Groenhovestraat 38
B-8820 Torhout
tel: + 32 50 21 53 99
fax: + 32 50 21 42 08
mobile: + 32 486 88 73 91

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