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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The stars I give

My systems of stars in the reviews is relatively flexible

***** is the absolute top, if you don't buy this album, you're crazy. These albums are good today, and still tomorrow. Top-10 material of the year.

**** is what could belong to the top-100 of the year. Excellent with a limited time frame.

*** is OK, well played, some creative ideas, but probably not consistently on the whole CD.

** is nice try, but next time better.

* not worth listening to.

The halves are in between (dig?)

So why do I give so many stars to all the albums in put in my reviews? Well, because I listen to far more CD's than I review. And I enjoy it to share what I like, rather than to give negative comments on the ones I don't like (except of course, if they're really bad, then I might enjoy commenting). Just like you would like to know what is worthwhile to listen to, rather than to have a list of albums to avoid.


Anonymous said...

I am curious how many times you think you need to listen to a CD to form a fair opinion, ie one that you are happy to publish and defend.

This is solely my curiosity, I am not trying to be critical, as I think you have a wonderful inventory of comment here and I have found it a useful guide.