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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Triptych Myth (Aum Fidelity, 2006) ****

In my daily search for music that flies under the radar screen of the more traditional music critics, I can with pleasure recommend Triptych Myth, a trio consisting of Cooper-Moore on piano, Tom Abbs on bass and Chad Taylor on drums, a piano trio such as you've probably rarely heard one. There are some more conventional approaches at first hearing, such as the first track "All Up In It" and the beautiful "Frida K. The Beautiful", but the alienation is just under the surface, really presenting itself in the following pieces. In "Trident" the arco bass leads the piece, with piano and drums giving the rhythmic support, and that is according to me the great strength of this album : the trio is so tight that no single instrument is at the forefront, or rather, all three instruments are in the creative spotlight, giving direction, demanding attention, without the whole becoming a cacophony. The music is familiar yet eerily so, drenched in blues and soul, yet in a refreshing, surprising new way. "Pooch" is in that respect a nice example : the soft melodic line of the piano is heavily counterplayed by the drums, hitting hard and energetic, almost in full conflict, urging for a tempo change, which takes places just to be rehabilitated in the former soft theme. You will hear more candy for the ear at each listen.

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