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Monday, August 13, 2007

Louie Belogenis/Charles Downs/Joe Morris - The Flow (Ayler, 2007) ***

Although the recording of this sax trio's live performance took place in 2004, it has only now just been released by Ayler Records, where it can be downloaded from their website. "The Flow" consists of one long piece of almost 45 minutes, to which a 2 minute extra is added. Belogenis is a sax player in the tradition of John Coltrane, very expansive, with spiritual aspirations, at moments very melodious, sometimes intensely overblowing, but always with ideas and a sense of direction. The fine rhythm section of Morris and Downs supports well, often very boppish, offering a very tight unit, despite the fact that they are not his usual band. Belogenis has recorded and performed more often with players such as drummer Rashied Ali, saxophonists Tony Malaby or Daniel Carter, and also with the Exuberance quartet with trumpeter Roy Campbell (also available through Ayler Records and recommended). It's definitely good to hear him play the lead role. A great performance, with lots of variation. Of interest for those who can appreciate a long story.