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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing - Thing (Re-Release, 2007) ****

"" is a label with a mission : to re-release free and avant jazz albums that are no longer available, and to distribute them in a digital format only. In their own words "We painstakingly discover old gems, then locate artists, master the recordings to high standards, and write liner notes to tell the story. We embrace the future by investing in the past". That means a nice selection from the start and music destined for afficionados of the genre. "Thing", saxophonist Arni Cheatham's Boston area band in those days (he now plays with Aardvark Orchestra), brings an imitation of Miles Davis early 70s period, high energy music, funky, cosmic and nervous. This live performance dates from a concert in Cambridge, MA in 1972. The band further consist of Will Letman on trumpet, Vagn Leick on electric piano, David Saltman on electric bass, Kiah Nowlin on Drums, Dorian McGee on congas, and Bob O’Connell on guitar (on “Sketch”). Although obviously the musicians are not in the same league as the electric Miles band of that period, what they bring is exceptionally good, both in terms of overall playing, but certainly in the outright genuine, emotional and straightforward approach to their material. It is great from beginning to end, and very Miles-like even up to the little details, the long percussion driven hypnotic passages alternating with softer meditative moments, ... and with an audience that appreciates what it hears. Great to have re-released this album.

You can listen and donwload from iTunes.