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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heinz Becker/Louis Sclavis/John Lindberg - Transition (FMP, 1987) ****½

This is an old LP from 1987, re-issued as a CD in 2003. I am currently trying to find music from John Lindberg, because I like his incredible musicality as an improvisor and as a composer. This CD is entirely improvized, with Heinz Becker on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Louis Sclavis on bass clarinet. It may be hard to find, but it is more than worthwhile looking for. I found it in my usual treasure chest. Throughout the album, the three musicians create chamber-jazz-like music on the spot, jointly crafting little gems, one after the other, with a common mood, common focus, common intensity, reacting to each other in the most gentle and understanding of ways. The music is light, melodic, rhythmic, full of joy and sadness, and the immense pleasure the musicians must have had during the recording is audible with every note. Add to that the immense mastership of their instruments, and you know this is an absolute winner. What a pity their recording collaboration is limited to this album. And what a pleasure to have come across it.


jazzptt said...

do you know..its label WEST WIND 2072..1992?

Stef said...

Yes, You're right, it was re-issued in 1992 by West Wind (number 2072), which is the copy I have. I don't know where I got the "2003" re-issue date from.

My mistake.