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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feuermusik - No Contest (Standard Form, 2008) ***½

Feuermusik ("fire music" in German), is a Canadian duo with Jeremy Strachan on woodwinds and Gus Weinkauf on percussion. I don't know anything about these musicians nor about their band. I downloaded their CD from eMusic, and these are unfortunately downloads (still!) without liner notes or any further information. On myspace they describe themselves as "trash-can-busted-up-broken-reed-blues", and that does not do the music much justice. True, many of the tunes are very direct, joyful, almost funky pieces, reminiscent in their almost musical innocence and naive approach of the Swiss Lucien Dubs trio, including the heavy rhythmic sax playing and the very polyrhythmic percussion. But that's only how it starts, then some tracks play with clearly orchestrated and overdubbed pieces (since there are no credits to other musicians, that's what I assume), creating a more African feel in the melodies and the counterpoint, especially on "Nearness/Distance". These guys are at their best when they keep it simple, and often the overdubs become a little too much, but it's great fun listening to. And in these sad days, that is a welcome break.

Listen and download from eMusic.

Watch their clips on Youtube (not exactly a performance in Carnegie Hall, but so much the better!).

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