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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terje Isungset - Hibernation (All Ice Music, 2009) ****

Terje Isungset, the "Ice Man" from Norway, has carved out his own style of music, anchored in traditional music, tribal in nature, but free as the wind. With Hibernation, he moves his music even further into regions of greater purity and authenticity, limiting the instruments even more, to ice percussion and ice horn, with the vocals of Sara Marielle Gaup. It all sounds so unbelievably fresh, authentic and pristine, with a naiveness and sense of wonder that is almost childlike, but at the same time also spiritual, devoid of any burdens that weigh on the soul. There is no direction to the music, it seems to arise spontaneously, calm and almost natural, without any sense of urgency. As a Norwegian critic put it "ice cold and so much warmth", which is possibly the best description of the music.

Listen to an excerpt from "Starlit"

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