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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Willie Oteri & Dave Laczko - WD 41 (CDBaby, 2009) ***

Guitar and trumpet duets being extremely rare, I thought this new album might interest some readers. Guitarist Willie Oteri and trumpeter Dave Laczko team up for eight improvised pieces that are processed through electronic loops and all sorts of sound altering technology. The end result is a kind of long ambient rock soundscape, with the electric guitar and the trumpet playing long sustained notes, weaving tonal textures with lots of delays, lots of repetitive loops and lots of reverb. Oteri is in essence a rock guitarist, and you can hear in his playing licks that come from David Gilmour, Hendrix and Fripp, with Laczko sounding like Toshinori Kondo when he gets his equipment out. It is not highly original in its approach or in its delivery, yet it has its nice moments, and it is very coherent. The album is available only in an mp3 version from CDBaby.

Listen and download from CDBaby.

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allan said...

There is an interesting trumpet/guitar duo by Jon Corbett and Steve Done called "Another Fine Mess" on Slam 217. The CD contains almost 72 minutes of quietly acoustic music with no electronics and (thankfully) very limited use of "extended techniques". Still available at

Stef said...

Thanks! I will look for it.

Anonymous said...

This CD just reached the Top 100 Most Recommended CD Reviews of All Time at All About Jazz.

Anonymous said...

This CD is number 24 on the Top 50 most recommended for 2009 at All About Jazz. Buy a copy and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

This CD is now available through Abstract Logix