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Saturday, August 15, 2009

New releases

There is too much music being released to review in a decent manner. Reviewing a CD requires repeated listening, and time is often the major restriction to do that properly. So I only listen once to all the albums I receive, and then I listen again to those albums I plan to review. The first contact is often a crucial one : is there anything new to hear? is there anything of interest? does it strike an emotional chord? is there any depth and inventiveness? will I enjoy listening to it again and again for several times in the coming day? If these questions are answered positively, I may review the albums. If not, they are filed alphabetically in my collection, and they may be dug up later for further reference, or because I have to reconsider my initial opinion, which does happen.

I will now at least list those albums that I did not review, but which I think are still worth sharing with you. Obviously I will not give these albums a star-code, since I would have nothing but a first impression to make that judgment.

Josh Berman - Old Idea (Delmark, 2009)

Modern jazz album, rooted in the tradition yet adding some fresh ideas. With Josh Berman: cornet; Keefe Jackson: tenor saxophone; Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone; Anton Hatwich: bass; Nori Tanaka: drums.

Azar Lawrence - Prayer For My Ancestors (Furthermore, 2008)

Primarily post-bop, nice to hear and well-played. Azar Lawrence: tenor and soprano saxophones; Nate Morgan: piano; Henry "the Skipper" Franklin: bass; Alphonse Mouzon: drums; Ibrahim Ba: vocals,guitar; Amadu Fall: Kora; Nolan Shaheed: trumpet; Tony Dumas: bass; Roy McCurdy: drums

Tom Hamilton & Bruce Eisenbeil - Shadow Machine (Pogus, 2009)

Improvised exploratory sound conversations between synth and guitar, redefining auditory expectations of both instruments. For those with very open ears. Tom Hamilton plays nord modular synthesizer, and Bruce Eisenbeil guitar.

Yoni Kretzmer's New Dilemma (Earsay, 2009)

World jazz chamber music by this young band from Israel. Yoni Kretzmer: tenor saxopone; Daniel Tanchelson: viola; Neta Cohen Shani: cello; Ehud Etun: double-bass; Daniel Feingold: drums

Jerry Granelli V16 - Vancouver '08 (Songlines, 2009)

Father and son Granelli continue their travels through their own open-textured instrumental free blues and free rock universe. David Tronzo: electric slide guitar; Christian Kogel: electric guitar; J. Anthony Granelli, electric bass; Jerry Granelli, drums.

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