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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vandermark even more galore

 I forgot to mention two other upcoming/just released Ken Vandermark albums. I don't have them, and I haven't listened to them yet (sounds logical).

Actually, Vandermark updated his website and added the records I reviewed earlier this week, together with some new material. 

I just wanted to notify you in case you already decided to start spending your carefully collected coins on Vandermark albums: there is even more choice than you expected.

Reviews will hopefully come soon. At least we're all on the same page now.

“Call Before You Dig,” Sonore (Okka Disk): Sonore (Peter Brotzmann [reeds], Mats Gustafsson [reeds], Ken Vandermark [reeds]) release their 3rd album, a double cd for Okka. Recorded at the Loft in Cologne both in concert and “in the studio” during December 2008, this album contains 22 pieces of Improvised Music that run the gamut of expressive energy and melodic power, as well as a composition by Brötzmann and Jimmy Giuffre A thorough and exciting statement about where this trio was then and is heading now.

“Light On The Wall,” Daisy/Vandermark Duo (Laurence Family): Tim Daisy [drums] and Ken Vandermark [tenor/Bb clarinet] toured Europe in May of 2007 for nearly a month, and recorded this double lp for xxxx to be released on his vinyl-only label.

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