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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stefan Keune, Hans Schneider, Achim Krämer - No Comment (FMP, 2009) ****

In the best European free improv tradition of in-the-moment intensity and dialogue, this trio with Stefan Keune on alto and baritone saxophones, Hans Schneider on bass, and Achim Krämer on drums, drive the concept on with maximum power and focus. All three musicians create together, quite egalitarian, on the spot. They investigate sound and timbre and how subtle nuances in pressure and interaction can change the color of the piece, add new dimensions. On the first track volume is of the essence, on the long second track this shifts to minimal squeeks, and plucks and plops, a careful and precise construction of musical dashes that create an interesting abstract canvas, evolving almost organically into the next piece, with the tempo increasing gradually, as does the volume. Over the eleven tracks, the same lightness and raw immediacy is upheld. Despite the lack of phrases, or melodious fluidity, the music still manages to create a linear movement with peaks and moments of increased intensity. This will not be for everyone's ears, but will please fans of Evan Parker and John Butcher.

© stef