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Monday, May 31, 2010

Inside Out In The Open (ESP, 2001)

I finally got to see a copy of "Inside Out In The Open", a documentary by Alan Roth. You can read more about it here, on the ESP website. The DVD consist of interviews with the old and the young generations of free jazz musicians, including Roswell Rudd, Burton Gree, Alan Silva, Joseph Jarman, Johnny Tchicai, William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Baikida Carroll. In between the interviews, you get some very short extracts from music by Sun Ra, Other Dimensions In Music, Glen Spearman, etc.

It's too short, too short, too short, both with regard to the interviews as with the performances.

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a said...

Yes, it is too short. But this was produced on a shoe-string budget, but with lots of love and affection for the music and musicians. I do think that one of its values is opening doors for the interested and curious viewers to walk through and investigate further on their own.
But I do appreciate a 'criticism' that its not long enough. I agree!
Thanks for viewing it and speaking about it as well!
alan roth (the director)