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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rafal Mazur & Keir Neuringer - Improwizje (Insubordinations, 2010) ****

Keir Neuringer on alto saxophone and Rafal Mazur on acoustic bass guitar serve you an eighteen-minute delight of horrific music, with two instruments building a wall of sound that is hard to believe, screeching, wailing, howling: terryfying, pleading, hair-raising, hypnotic, numbing, mad, desperate ... but it is also light, sensitive, full of sonic subtlety and nuance.

Both artists create on this EP something that is quite unusual, with a very distinctive voice and character. They find a perfect symbiosis of sound, jointly creating something that goes beyond the voice of the individual instruments. Really strong. Really disorienting. Really modern. Really short.

And free.

You can download the entire album from Insubordinations.

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