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Friday, December 30, 2011


In the most fierce voting mobilisation campaign ever, Joe Hertenstein's band with Thomas Heberer, Pascal Niggenkemper and Joachim Badenhorst achieved with "Polylemma" the first place in the HAPPY NEW EARS AWARD 2011, in a daily changing neck-against-neck race against Scoolptures with "White Sickness" in a more than honorable second place.  More than 1629 votes were cast.

The top-5 is as follows :
  1. Joe Hertenstein - Polylemma  : 675 (41%) 
  2. Scoolptures - White Sickness : 579 (35%) 
  3. Duplant, Chagas &  Sait - Late Winter, Early Spring : 76 (4%) 
  4. Peter Evans Quintet - Ghosts :  64 (3%) 
  5. Foton Quartet - Zomo Hall  : 46 (2%)
It must be clear that the after a couple of days, Scoolptures and Hertenstein were so much ahead of the other bands, that it became pointless to vote on the other bands.

Joe Hertenstein, Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst & Pascal Niggenkemper - Polylemma

A more than deserved second place goes to Scoolptures - White Sickness

We wish both bands, and all the other contenders, all the best and hope they will continue with offering us highly innovative listening experiences. Congratulations to all and hopefully it has helped and will help to get some wider attention new audiences.

The five winners also reflect the current international nature of modern music, with no less than Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Canada, and the US represented.

Congratulations to all!

© stef


Ananth said...

A perfect fairy-tale ending, I would think !!

Jason from Vancouver said...

congrats to Scoolptures and of course Polylemma - both bands are fucking great!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how many of the over 1200 people who voted for these two albums had heard, let alone owned either. I admire your philosophical stance on the block voting, Stef. I suspect a more realistic impression of your readers' views might be represented bythe votes for the other titles. Never the less I'll be investigating the two 'run away' winners.

Thanks for an essential blog

Stef said...

Hi Anonymous,

As Guy pointed out last year, "some albums possibly got more votes than copies were sold", and he might be right. That being said, the votes may lead to more albums sold ...


joesh said...

Hi (again) Anon

You're absolutely right, but we can't buy and listen to everything. I must admit I could only vote for those records I heard ... and I write for the blog and have access to much of the music (all thought not all). However, i already ordered a few extra albums just from the original list of preposals (as they looked so interesting).

What's most sad is these big Stateside centred jazz polls that only talk about big names from the USA, a sad reflection on our music scene (and culture) I suspect.

Thanks for voting anyhow.

Guy said...

like my uncle used to say: "you're an idiot for ordering all those rare and 'special' records and even more for paying big bucks for some of them. if they were ANY GOOD, you'd find them in the store around the corner"

Stanley Jason Zappa said...

I voted for KAISO STORIES over 9,293,484,203,957 times, and it didn't even make it on the list...

Stanley Jason Zappa said...

I voted for KAISO STORIES over 9,293,484,203,957 times, and it didn't even make it on the list...

Stef said...

Keep voting, Stanley!

Stanley Jason Zappa said...

Ha! Make that 9,293,484,203,958!