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Monday, February 27, 2012

Delphine Dora, Paulo Chagas, Bruno Duplant - Onion Petals As Candle Light (Self-published, 2012) ****

 By Stef

Have you ever heard of Delphine Dora? French piano player born in 1980? Probably not. She's a singer songwriter and improvisor, and this should be her thirteenth album so far. Yet no singer songwriter stuff on this album, ... or no,  I should say it differently: this music captures the essence of good songs but without the vocals.

Each of the ten pieces is self-contained, short and with a precise character and sound, which is gentle yet profound, full of intimate lyricism and beauty.

Her companions in gentleness are Paulo Chagas on clarinets and Bruno Duplant on bass, two musicians whom I've written favorably about before.

All three are in the same storytelling mode, full of vulnerable emotions and precise phrasing, and with sufficient sense of contrasts to keep the attention going. Notes are used sparingly, but to great effect.

Listen for yourself. I can only hope to hear more from this trio soon. 

© stef