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Monday, August 6, 2012

Michel Doneda & Nils Ostendorf - Cristallisation (Absinth, 2012) ****½

By Stef     

Feeling with your ears, is the image that comes to mind when listening to this fantastic duo of Michel Doneda on soprano and sopranino and Nils Ostendorf on trumpet.

This is music you can feel, as in physically touching, letting it glide through your fingers, for the pure enjoyment of the fine texture, the translucent weightlessness of gauze, the smoothness of silk, the rough prickliness of wool, or compare it to the warmth of sand in the sun, the gentle hardness of pebbles, or pulsating living skin ... Like touch, the endless variations in timbre and sound reach you somehow in an undefinable way. It doesn't speak: it affects. It reaches you differently, totally. As a listener, you can only experience it. Feel it. Touch the sound, with your ears, let it resonate fully in your tympanic membrane, play with it like something you have in your hands, touch it, sense it from all sides ...

In ten miniatures, Doneda and Ostendorf make the listener feel with her ears all the subtle variations of timbre, the beauty of sound as sound, the beauty of several sonic threads going in opposite directions to weave the same fabric, gentle and deliberate and cautious.

And so should you too, listener, envelop the sound with your ears, unhurriedly, listen how sound can become something precious, small and rare and valuable.


© stef