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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Impressions of Taktlos

Connected to the influential Zurich based Intakt record label, the Taktlos Festival - which has been running for over 30 years - happened last weekend, complimenting the labels work in presenting ​​jazz, experimental rock, new music, improvisation and composition. The three day festival, which for the past several years has featured an artist curator, was in the good hands of Swiss trumpeter Silvan Schmid and the resulting festival was an exciting mix of acts. While the Free Jazz Blog is unable to write about the event, Berlin music photographer Cristina Marx (Photomusix) documented the creativity and collaborations. We are pleased to be able to offer a collection of her photography from the three days of music.

Festival Program:

All photos (c) Cristina Marx (Photomusix)


Day 1: Friday March 17

X Ray Hex Tet
Edward George words; Paul Abbott drums, synthetic sounds; Billy Steiger violin, celesta; Seymour Wright alto saxophone; Pat Thomas piano, electronics; Crystabel Riley drums;

Miao Silvan Makossiri
Makossiri laptop, nyadungu (lyre); Miao Zhao bass clarinet, electronics; Silvan Schmid trumpet, mixing desk;

DJ Diaki
DJ Diaki - laptop, drum machine;

Day 2: Saturday, March 18

Crystabel Riley
Crystabel Riley - drums;

Lotus Eddé Khouri x Gamut Kollektiv
Lotus Eddé Khouri - composition; Binta Kopp - laptop; Marina Tantanozi - flute; Miao Zhao - bass clarinet; Paula Sanchez - cello; Paul Amereller - drums; Philipp Eden - piano; Silvan Schmid - trumpet; Tapiwa Svosve - alto sax; Tobias Pfister - tenor sax; Vojko Huter - guitar; Xaver Rüegg - bass;

g a b b r o
Hanne De Backer - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Andreas Bral - piano, Indian harmonium; Raf Vertessen - drums;

Day 3: Sunday, March 19

New projects, new constellations, including (though not all pictured)...

@XCRSWX (Seymour Wright and Crystabel Riley) - alto saxophone, drums; Lotus Eddé Khouri L’anatome - movement; Pat Thomas - piano;

Hanne De Backer - baritone saxophone; Raf Vertessen - drums; Paul Amereller - drums; Edward George words; Makossiri - laptop, nyadungu (lyre); Tapiwa Svosve - alto saxophone; Xaver Rüegg - bass;

Marina Tantanozi flute; Xaver Rüegg - bass; Andreas Bral - piano;  DJ Diaki - laptop, drum machine; Paul Abbott - drums; Billy Steiger - violin;




Kruse said...

Really nice photos with a story to tell - good iniative! Sometimes pictures say more than words, Thanks for sharing the impressions with us, Christina!

CristinaMarx said...

thank you very much for your nice remark! :) this is exactly my intention: to tell a story with photos.