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Monday, November 25, 2013

Objeto Amarelo & Rob Mazurek - Eclusa (Submarine, 2012) ***

By Stef

Objeto Amarelo is the solo project of Brasilian sound artist Carlos Issa, who also performed as a member of the Rob Mazurek's octet on "Skull Sessions".

Issa plays guitar and electronics, Mazurek cornet and electronics. This 7" EP lasts only thirteen minutes, and offers a diverse sound collage of shifting colors, ranging from abrasive electric guitar, smoother meditative moments on muted cornet, with deep contrasts of noise and lyricism, of rock and jazz idioms and sensitivities, of assertiveness and hesitation, of chaos and structure. It's short duration doesn't allow for a high star rating, but fans of Mazurek will clearly want to check out this collaboration too.

You can order direcly from the label.

This ends our three day round-up of new releases by Rob Mazurek.


Martin Schray said...

Really nice "short" week on a musician who always deserves close listening. After last year'S wonderful album "Stellar Pulsations" I am especially looking forward to his new album with the Exploding Star Orchestra.