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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vlady Bystrov, Helen Bledsoe & Alexey Lapin - Trioloque (Leo, 2013) ****

By Stef

Vlady Bystrov plays clarinets, Helen Bledsoe flute and Alexey Lapin piano, and what they concoct together is nothing short of amazing: an abstract, light, open-textured, sophisticated, subtle mix of genres that shift between jazz and free improv and new music and modern classical, creating stories full of wonder and surprise, gentle yet with conflict, like a fight among people who love each other, tension arises, dissonance flares up, yet somehow deep down the sense of harmony remains undisturbed, even if you can't anticipate what's coming next, what the reaction will be on the new development by one of the players, will it be in agreement, and reconciliation, moving this forward, or in contrast, pushing the music in another direction, you cannot tell, and while all musical concepts have been done away with, just to show with more clarity the real things underneath reality that they usually hide, you keep listening with interest, how moments of real joy, of tenderness and drama alternate as if you are watching life itself expand, expressed and even deepened, all through a great translation of feeling by three artists who create new musical wordless languages, full of eery beauty.