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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tim Daisy and Mikolaj Trzaska - In This Moment. (Relay Recordings, 2014) ***½

By Hugo Truyens

There are albums you can turn to at any time, knowing the high probability of them providing exactly what the doctor ordered. To each man his own. They don’t necessarily have to be the easy records, or the mellifluous. I have favourite albums that can disperse crowds. And then there are the others, the ones you probably are only going to hear once, maybe twice. It pays well once in a while to take one of those and listen to it. And listen again.

This one is a short one (31’51”) and is made by Mikolaj Trzaska with Tim Daisy. Alto saxophone and drums. The title is In this moment. The first time I listened to it left me undecided. On another day it would probably not enter the first category, mentioned above. But that’s too easy now. So I read the songtitles : On Division, Grass and Trees, Statues in the Park, On Washtenau (like that one), Sirens Above Cortez. This is city music. There is some serious traffic going on here. I’m guessing we’re in Chicago. I have listened a few times by now. It is not going to enter in category one, it is not that kind of record to me. But I can get into it.

The drumming is relentless throughout and stretches over the entire spectrum, never losing its pulse. And then there’s a saxophone. I know Mikolaj from an album with the Oles Brothers (Mikro Muzik), but this is not the mood he’s in. He has different things to say. In Grass and Trees e.g. the rumbling of distant thunder and the wailing plangent saxophone soaring  above. If I were there, with them in the room I know I would relax my spine and give in without thinking. It ends with a delicious spluttering over shuffles and cymbals. Now I realize what it is. I realize how apt the title is. This is the now. It is not their now now, it is mine. And that’s the beauty of it. This is one of the records that have the potential of opening up the moment to you, when you listen. Glad I did.