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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Ears Award 2014

Well, on behalf of all reviewers of the Free Jazz Collective, we wish you a very happy and very creative 2015, full of fantastic listening experiences.

The winner of the 2014 Happy New Ears award are Hughues Vincent and Yasumune Morishige with "Fragments" - a dark masterpiece - as the result of a shortlist and then voting contest which proved to be very intense in the last couple of days.


The fierce voting contest of the last days brought "Zerfallby Bogan Ghost (Anthea Caddy and Liz Albee) on the second place, and Marc Ducret's "Tower-Bridge" on a good third spot.

The top-10 list is as follows

1.     Hugues Vincent & Yasumune Morishige - Fragment - 35%
2.     Bogan Ghost - Zerfall - 22% 
3.     Marc Ducret - Tower-Bridge - 10% 
4.     Ken Vandermark - Nine Ways to Build a Bridge - 6% 
5.     Wadada Leo Smith - Great Lakes Suite - 6% 
6.     Steve Lehman Octet - Mise en Abime - 4% 
7.     Akira Sakata - Arashi - 2% 
8.     Jeremiah Cymerman - Pale Horse - 2%
9.     Farmers by Nature - Love and Ghosts - 2% 
10.   Lotte Anker & Jakob Riis - Squid Police - 1% 

Congratulations to the winners with their prestigious award. We look forward to the new listening experiences of 2015! 


prof. kien said...

congrats... but i think there're some "outer forces" leading to this result!

IB said...

Heartfelt thanks to all for LISTENING (that rare thing).
What we're dealing with behind the scenes I have given up on understanding, what makes it works or not, but it sure is "out there"...