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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jachna, Tarwid & Karch - Sundial (Fortune, 2014) ****

By Stef
Poland has without a doubt one of the prolific jazz scenes in the world at the moment, churning out one great album after the other. Here is another one, with Wojciech Jachna on trumpet, Gregory Tarwid on piano and Albert Karch on drums.

Despite the presence of a drummer, the music sounds like chamber jazz, intimate, measured, subdued. The album also has a strong coherence, making it sound like a long suite, a feeling which is reinforced by the fact that some tracks come in several variations on the album.

The amazing thing is that Grzegorz Tarwid was born in 1994, and Albert Karch in 1993, I mean, almost yesterday, yet they sound like they've been playing together for ages. The music is also hard to pigeon-hole, shifting between classical romanticism and more abstract open-ended jazz.

Tracks like "Terpsichore's Chant" even have bluesy references à la Jarrett, while "Little Draft" is more impressionistic and meditative, whereas the title track starts like avant-garde.  "Intermezzo", the long central piece, offers much space for Tarwid for a more classical diversion, and maybe that is to the credit of Jachna that he gives these two young musicians so much space. But this space and openness is essential to their approach, resulting in fresh, free, inventive and rich music, combining classical and jazz traditions into something new.

Three fantastic musicians, and a band to follow.