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Friday, June 12, 2015

Will Guthrie - Sacrée Obsession (iDEAL, 2015) ****

By Paul Acquaro

Will Guthrie is a percussionist from France who, in addition to his growing discography of solo recordings, also plays in the group Ames Room. Guthrie is a subtle player who is quite comfortable with space and texture, which is highlighted on a new solo recording Sacrée Obsession coming out on LP and tape in the fall.

Sacrée Obsession starts out quietly, a solemn introduction of ringing metals - cymbals and gongs - pulls the listener into an austere and reverent listening space. Slowly, like watching a drawing being made, Guthrie paints an ambient image. The second side of the LP begins with an even quieter wash of sound, power rising from with the vibrations of the cymbals. the percussionist then introduces a new set of ideas - playing the rims, chimes and additional cymbals - and the textures from the opening are reversed.

Solo percussion, to me, is a tricky endeavor. I often find the start of it interesting, but then my interest wanes. Not the case with Sacrée Obsession - Guthrie's concept, use of physical space, and subsequent use of percussion is captivating. This album, which was recorded in 2014 in Chapelle St Jean, Mulhouse and in 2015 at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes will be one to seek out.

Will Guthrie is touring the US this month, playing several dates in the upcoming weeks. See, and click 'News' for a complete list of dates.

Listen below:


Anonymous said...

Mark says...

Nice review Paul. Any idea where this LP can be purchased?


Paul said...

Hi Mark-

It's not out yet - but should be in September if my sources are correct.

- Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul,

I just wonder why the decision was made to run the review quite so prematurely/

The timing in no way detracts from the quality of the review but I fear the review's relevance is diminished if it creates a wave of interest that can't be fulfilled for three months