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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hugues Vincent, Kudryavtsev & Logofet - Free Trees (Leo, 2014) ****

By Stef

If you think that the Masada String Trio is the ultimate string trio in new music, think again. Here is another great example of the same line-up, with Hugues Vincent on cello, Vladimir Kudryavtsev on bass, and Maria Logofet on violin.

On no less than twenty-one compositions, they bring an eclectic mix of free music with influences from all genres the musicians master, and that is a lot. As Kudryavtsev explains in the liner notes, the freedom of the tree to grow into something unique and unrepeatable, is the result of its roots being firmly planted in the ground, representing the influences and education we have received.

That being said, the trio indeed uses all these influences to deliver something with more ramifications than the freedom of a tree. Classical sounds of intense purity, mostly by Logofet's violin, are counterbalanced with the more extended techniques of the cello, with Kudryavtsev's bass occupying the middle ground to keep the whole tree steady.

This is really an amazing album, and if you're open to this form of avant-garde, I can strongly recommend it.


Colin Green said...

For anyone wanting to explore the string trio in free jazz/improv, the following are well worth a listen:

The Kent Carter String Trio’s The Willisau Suites (Emanem, 2004) and Intersections (Emanem, 2006)
ARC’s Out Of Amber (Slam, 1993) and The Pursuit of Happiness (Emanem, 2009)
Barrel’s Gratuitous Abuse (Emanem, 2011) and Live at Artacts´12 (Idyllic Noise, 2013)

And although a quartet rather than a trio, I recommend the Stellari String Quartet’s Gocce Stellari (Emanem, 2009).

Martin Schray said...

Another string trio album I can really recommend is Daniel Studer/Harald Kimmig/Alfred Zimmerlin: Erzählend Nah (Unit Records, 2012).

Dom Minasi said...

This is a wonderful group, musical and creative.

Anonymous said...

Amsterdam String Trio anyone?

Colin Green said...

Not head any of their albums. Which do you recommend?