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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Barry Guy – Frogs (Trost, 2017) ***

By Gustav Lindqvist

Musicians : Laubfrosch (Tree Frog) - acoustic sounds, Wasserfrosch (Water Frog) - acoustic sounds, Barry Guy - acoustic sounds

This 7” EP released on Trost was made specially for British composer and bass player Barry Guy’s 70th birthday. It features a tree frog, a water frog and Barry Guy. This is a fun improvised EP just short of 8 minutes. Now how do I describe this? Maybe there’s another story to tell here, when it comes to frogs at least. I can highly recommend Mats Gustafsson's duo album with Barry Guy, from 1997, called – that’s right; Frogging. In any case this EP features Barry and frogs chirping and squeeking. I can’t help smiling when these frogs go bananas on record, together with Guy. By the way, Gustafsson was involved in this recording as well.

Perhaps this EP can be seen as a nice addendum to Frogging, 20 years later. I hope and assume no frogs were hurt in the making of this album.