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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Jeff Cosgrove, Scott Robinson, and Ken Filiano - Hunters & Scavengers (Grizzley Music, 2018) ****

By Paul Acquaro

This trio of drummer Jeff Cosgrove’s, featuring saxophonist Scott Robinson (an true musical maverick who recently released an excellent homage to Sun Ra's legendary Heliocentric Worlds recordings), and the fearless bassist Ken Filiano (the Brooklyn based musician seems to be everywhere the action is!), has released a wonderfully rich collaborative recording with Hunters & Scavengers.

The D.C. area based drummer did a good deed when he gathered this sympathetic trio for a recording date in New York. The music they developed is thick with melody and rife with risk. Unafraid to dig deep into their collective musical wisdom, they come up with some real pearls like 'Don't Look (Just Run)' with its quick paced musical choices and smeary sax lines, and the follow up 'Eyes of the Hunter', featuring a slowly evolving melody and tension filled bowing. The latter is actually a bit of a harbinger to the albums cover tune, Ornette Coleman's 'Lonely Woman', which is delivered with reverence to the original, but reaches for its own levels of haunting resonance in Robinson's deliberately raw delivery and Cosgrove's textural drumming.